Social Studies

I have to write a poem about life in Carribien South America today. But the problem is I can't find any good sources and credible sources, and even if I did have some I don't know how to start writing a poem.

Could you give me some sources for it, and an example?

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  2. As for how to write a poem ... try an acrostic or a diamante:

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  3. What is the main reason many people stop working on farms in Mexico?
    1. Poor health
    2, Not enough farm work****
    3. New labor laws
    4. Land is too valuable

    Ps i need help with the other questions too this is the "Latin America Unit review Practice"

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  4. Have you figured out what to do with your poem? I want to share with the tip you would definitely find helpful. It relates to the usage of online writing service. At Primewriting site your paper will be written on time and at the reasonable price.

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