A sand volleyball court has an area of 144 square meters. Its perimeter is 50 meters. What are the dimensions of the volleyball court?

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  1. If the dimensions are x and y, then
    x+y = 25
    xy = 144
    x(25-x) = 144
    x^2-25x+144 = 0
    x = 9,16

    So the court is 9x16

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  2. x y = 144 so y = 144/x
    2x + 2y = 50

    2x +2 (144/x) = 50
    2 x^2 -50 x + 2*144 = 0
    x^2 -25 x + 144 = 0
    (x-9) (x-16) = 0
    9 by 16

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