Algebra problem

Multiply (x-5/4x+8)*(12x^2+32x+16)
A. (3x+2)/4(x-5)
B. (x-5)(3x+2)/4
C. (x-5)(3x+3)
D. (x-5)(12x+8)

Please help me solve this problem because all I get is 3x^2-13x-10 (which isn't a choice.)

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  1. I will assume that you meant
    that simplifies to
    (x-5)/4(x+2) * 4(3x^2+8x+4)
    =(x-5)/4(x+2) * 4(3x+2)(x+2)
    Now the 4(x+2) factors cancel, and you are left with
    Your answer agrees with mine.
    I suspect C has a typo.

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  2. Yes that is what I meant and yes C was supposed to be (x-5)(3x+2). So thank you.

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