In the story Animal Farm how is the use of allegory as a rhetorical device different from simply laying out a non-fictional account, or an historical or statistical analysis of the period and the rise of the Communist Party?

Answer: Within an allegory every character represents a political concept or has a different moral viewpoint. This leaves the reader to interpret the meaning of the story. Leaving each reader's interpretation different. As far as historical you could start with looking the bible. The bible offers complex moral and theological concepts told by Jesus. Allegory can bed seen for example "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me". Allegory can be seen with two gods resulting in feeling "forsaken."

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  1. If you look at all of the responses below yours about "allegory" I am certain you will be able to piece together your answer : )

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  2. so you do not feel this answer is adequate

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