(width:20, length:22, height:1)

If the height of the tabletop was 2 inches instead of 1 inch, the surface area would increase by _____.

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  1. 2*20*1 + 2*22*1 = 40 + 44 = 84

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  2. A1 = 2(L*h) + 2(W*h) + 2(L*W) = Surface area when ht. = 1in ,
    A2 = 2(L*h) + 2(W*h) + 2(L*W) = Surface area when ht. = 2 in,
    A2 - A1 = The increase in surface area.

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  3. Henry is making it complicated...

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  4. what

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  6. Why can't we just get a strait answer?!😞

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