So I was given a homework task telling me to draw/create a visual representation of the poem "Then and Now" by Oodgeral Noonuccal (see below), which basically talks about the thoughts of the Noonuccal of the colonisation of Australia.
What I need help is getting ideas that could metaphorically represent the poem as a picture in a dare I say, 'smart' and 'mind-blowing' way.
Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated, thanks!

In the dreams I hear my tribe,
Laughing as they hunt and swim,
But dreams are shattered by rushing car,
By grinding tram and hissing train,
And I see no more my tribe of old
As I walked alone in the teeming town.

I have seen corroboree
Where that factory belches smoke;
Here where they have memorial park
One time lubras dug for yams;
One time our dark children played
There where the railway yards are now,
And where I remember the didgeridoo
Calling us to dance and play,
Offices now, neon lights now,
Bank and shop and advertisement now,
Traffic and trade of the busy town.

No more woomera, no more boomerang,
No more playabout, no more the old ways.
Children of nature we were then,
No clocks hurrying crowds to toil.

Now I am civilized and work in the white way,
Now I have dress, now I have shoes:
‘Isn’t she lucky to have a good job!’
Better when I had only a dillybag.
Better when I had nothing but happiness.

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  1. http://larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com/2012/11/then-and-now-student-sort-download.html

    The two images here (both Venn diagrams, but only one with the circles included) can be a start for you.

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  2. Alright, thanks so much :))

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  3. You're welcome. I hope something clicks for you!!

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