Math 116A

I have been out of school for a very long time and I just enrolled to take some classes online and I am having a lot of trouble with my math. I just cannot seem to understand what it is that they want.

Is there anyone that can help me with this. I am desperate.

We are doing slopes, linear, graphing, functions,etc.


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asked by Robert
  1. I recommend a tutor to get you started. We can help with specific skills, but but you have to get to the point where you can ask specific skills.

    If you will go to the nearest college bookstore, or your nearest BarnesNoble, take a look at Schaumn's Outline Series, College Algebra. It is inexpensive, a lot of worked examples, and may be just what you need. Take a look.

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    posted by bobpursley
  2. Try posting some specific problems from your list and your understanding so far of how to solve them so we can contemplate the specific issues.

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    posted by Damon

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