I have to write an essay on a psychology concept and I was thinking about writing my essay on the concept of conformity. However, my professor prefers that we use media examples that occurred after the 28th of January. This example is to be used to explain or rather show conformity but I can't seem to find any modern examples. Can you help me brainstorm possible examples if possible?

asked by Sally
  1. I think political conformity fits your topic. People tend to disdain people whose political views do not conform to their own. The result is polarization, embodied in our news media and social media on line. Fox News, for example, reflects a conservative point of view (it was founded by the Murdoch organization and Republican communications guru Roger Ailes). People who like it tend to reject and vilify other cable or broadcast news that is more neutral or (like MSNBC) tend to a more liberal point of view.

    On social media, people with a particular point of view tend to "friend" each other and "talk" with each other. The algorithms that Facebook uses to determine what shows up on your newsfeed tend to those stories you will like or agree with. The result is that other points of view, those that do not conform to your own point of view, are rarely seen. Much has been written about this phenomenon.

    posted by Reed
  2. That's one idea. You may have better ones, or your teacher may have something else in mind entirely.

    posted by Reed
  3. I can assist you only with the source where you can get the needed help.Got A for my psychology paper! Ordered it feeling insecure about this website as the feedbacks were so controversial. But in the end the paper was written better than I expected. My advise is to give it a try and don’t believe everything you read.

    posted by Mathew

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