Find ​(f◦​g)(x) and ​(g◦​f)(x).
f(x)=4x(squared)+3​; ​g(x)=4x−2(f◦​g)(x)=______(Simplify your​ answer.)
I keep getting lost on these f(x) and g(x)problems

asked by Joy
  1. ​(f◦​g) = f(g) = 4g^2+3 = 4(4x-2)^2+3
    ​(g◦f) = g(f) = 4f-2 = 4(4x^2+3)-2
    now just simplify

    sometimes it helps not to include all those (x)'s
    ​(f◦​g)(x) = f(g(x)) = f(4x-2) = 4(4x-2)^2+3
    you can replace g first or evaluate f(g) and then plug in g

    posted by Steve

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