Select all possible values for x in the equation.
x cubed=375.
5*the cubed root of 3
the cubed root of 375
75*the cubed root of 5
125*the cubed root of 3

I am trying to do a practice test to prepare for my real test tomorrow and I don't understand the question. Can anyone help explain it plz any help would be great.

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  1. x^3 = 375
    so you need the simplified cube root of 375

    hint 375 = 125*3
    what is special about 125 ?

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  2. x cubed=375 was the equation but the last four lines were the answers they gave me and idk how to decipher them. Example, when it says 5*the cubed root of 3, I think to find the cubed root of 3 which is 1.4 and then I multiply it by 5 and I get 7. I did what I thought was right for all of them but non of them are possible values for that equation.

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  3. cuberoot(3) = 1.44225... don't round off at this point
    so 5*cuberoot(3) = 5(1.44225) = 7.211247.... , not 7

    now that is the value of x, so x^3
    = (7.211247....)^3 = 374.9999919.... , close enough for 375 for you?

    your appromation of 7 would give us 7^3 = 343, off quite a bit

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  4. ack I'm sorry I forgot about the last step and I see... thank you so much! <3

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