can anybody tell me what is meant by the term regulating mortality factor and how it can lead to successful biological control of pest in agriculture

HI, I am doing tma 7 aswell. if you send ur email i'll send my answer to you. do you know the answer to question 3?

Thanks its it wont let me email the adress so could you just give me the pointers then maybe i could flower it up lol

on q3 i have got a cell with the 2 genes at the top and two genes at the bottom for the anaphase bit of the q
and the telophase part i have 4 cells with two strands in each one

im also stuck on q2 part d

unfortunately im working blind as i have lost the course dvd
so any help will be very much appreciated

I didn't really find the dvd that much help!
q 2d)
The lactase tolerant gene may have mutated and then increased in Northern European populations because these were the first the use diary farming. As the people began to drink more milk and products containing milk that the genes have evolved in to those which are lactase persistent. They drank unprocessed milk which has caused a good level of tolerance. The advantages of consuming milk was great to people and so the gene has mutated in to a dominant one and has then spread through time.

Mortality factor is the reasons why plants or animals die, this can be reasons from food supply to the number of predators that it has. Regulating Mortality factors can be used to control these factors for specific advantages. Within agriculture and horticulture there are many pests which are a hinderence to the growing of crops. To be successful in the biological control of such pests we can limit the food supply available to them or introduce a predator which will specifically eat he pests but will not harm the plants. This way we can reduce the number of pests destroying crops.

Not sure whether I should have written it a bit more scientifically tho!!

Do you know answer to 2 c (ii)??

thanks i have thus so far for that q

intiation of protein synthesis begin withthe first amino acid M,et, since the mutant strand lack Met if mutation is somewhere in the coding of the gene it would result in abnormal protein because the secondary structure which is altered by mutation which results in the protein not binding with substrate or half life if altered

i hope this helps
how have you found this course thus far
i have found the marking very strict especially up her in the north west

Have found it ok. some of the questions have been quite hard. Where we're doing it on our own if you're on the wrong track you just keep going. This site helps tho!

I have come across q5 do you have any ideas at the moment i have 300 words seems like alot of work to get to 700
as this carries 40 % of the mark this is where i cant do bad as im just scrapping through the pass mark level

help would be appreciated

I've only got 450 at the mo. Here is a website that has helped.

can't write whole address but it is an online intro to advanced biology, subsite four, chapter four, cells and energy

Hiya, how are you finding q5? Have you completed your yet? I am also doing this TMA and have struggled to find anything intelligent to put down. Could you give me any hints as to content and also referencing stuff. I am so used to using sources to write my own stuff I am finding it difficult to now quote from sources. Thank you!!

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asked by bex

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