Elem. Ed. Another Question

I need help with these questions to make sure I am right.

If the art center is orderly and organized, children:

1.should be free to mess up the
materials and use them with abandon.

2.are inhibited because the materials
are too organized.

3. can find what they need and use
materials efficiently.

4. have difficulty finding basic
tools because the area is crowded
with so many possibilities.

Isn't number 3 the most appropriate
answer? they can find what they need
and use materials efficiently?

2. In a good art center, teachers
encourage children to:

1.engage in arts and craft activities
2.discover and process
3.work quickly
4.observe other children's artwork.

Wouldn't the correct answer be:
(2)discover and process?

Thank you for your help!!

yes, and yes.

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asked by Keisha

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