Heights (inches) Frequency
48 5
49 2
50 0
51 3
52 6
53 5
54 4
55 2
56 0
57 1

A frequency table is shown for the height's of 6th graders in a class at Oakville Elementary School. What is the probability that a sixth grader in this class is 52 inches tall?
A) 0.14
B) 0.21
C) 0.25
D) 0.28


asked by Tearra
  1. Probability that a student is x inches tall = (Number of students who are x inches tall)/(Total number)

    In this case, the total number is the sum of all individual frequencies, which is 28
    The number of students who are 52 inches tall = 6

    Probability that a student is 52 inches tall = 6/28 = 3/14

    Convert this to decimal, which of the answers do you get?

    posted by Arora
  2. So the answer is b?

    posted by Tearra
  3. yes

    posted by josten

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