Algebra II

Simplify the complex fraction:

I know that the answer is 3x^2(y+4)/7y. I don't know how to get this answer. Can someone please help me walk through this and figure out how to simplify it? I would be so grateful.

asked by Confuzzled
  1. x+(4x/y)/(7/(3x)) = x + (4x/y)(3x/7) = x + (12x^2)/(7y)
    From here there is no way to get the alleged answer.
    I suspect a typo in either the question or the answer.

    posted by Steve
  2. Okay it's a complex fraction, so it's (x+(4x/y)) / (7/3x). I'm not sure how else I would type this.

    posted by Confuzzled
  3. Aha! The parens make a big difference!

    (x+(4x/y)) / (7/3x)
    = (xy+4x)/y * 3x/7
    = (7(xy+4x) + 3x^2)/(7y)
    = (7xy+28x+3x^2)/(7y)
    Still no way to get to 3x^2(y+4)/7y
    (3x^2(y+4)/7y)*(7/(3x)) = xy(y+4)
    so, xy(y+4)/(7/3x) = 3x^2(y+4)/7y
    Still not sure how to get from xy(y+4) to (x + 4x/y)

    posted by Steve

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