Geometry and using Pi

How big was the Flying Saucer?
In the 1951 science fiction movie classic The Thing from Another World, a group of scientists and soldiers discover a recently crashed alien spaceship buried under a few feet of ice near the North Pole. The party spreads out to determine the size and shape of the alien craft under the blurry ice with the following dialogue: "It's perfectly round...yep, we finally found one...a flying saucer." Assuming that each of the 10 person party is exactly 25’ apart along the circumference of the craft, what is the surface area of perfectly flat underside of the flying saucer?

asked by Archimedies
  1. circumference = 10 * 25'

    area = circumference^2 / (4 π)

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  2. 4973.591973

    posted by Berkeley

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