AP Chemistry

I'm having trouble getting the net ionic equation when HI is added to a buffered solution of HOBr. And the net ionic when HI is added to LiOBr.

From those results I'm supposed to compare why one pH drops more than the other.

asked by KorieBird
  1. I'm not certain I understand; however, if you have a buffered solution with HOBr/OBr^-, then,
    OBr^- + H^+ ==> HOBr

    I assume the second one is not buffered so you are adding a strong acid to the salt of a weak acid and it's the same net ionic equation as the first one.

    If you posted the entire question we could help better.

    posted by DrBob222
  2. Here is the whole question:
    Two different 1.2 L buffered solutions were prepared using HOBr and LiOBr. Both buffered solutions had a pH of 5.2 at 25C. After 0.17 mols of HI were added to each of the solutions, it was found that the pH of one solution had dropped to 4.9 and the pH of the other had dropped to 3.1.
    a. What is the balanced net ionic equation for the reaction that occurred when HI was added to these buffered solutions?
    b. What trend must be true when comparing the concentrations of HOBr and OBr- in the two solutions is they shared the same pH before the HI was added?

    Thank you!

    posted by KorieBird
  3. I just don't understand the problem. I understand what is being asked; I don't understand the construction of the two "different" solutions.

    posted by DrBob222

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