Art Question

Which activity masquerades as
creative art?

1. coloring photocopied sheets.

2. drawng and framing a picture
for a holiday craft.

3. drawing flowers by observing
them closely.

4. encouraging students to copy
upside-down pictures.

I'm pretty sure it's coloring photocopied sheets,isn't it?

Yes. Coloring a photocopied page isn't art.

I am not so certain that drawing flowers by observing them closely is creative art. I vie for answer 3. None of the answers is creative: all are copying or coloring within lines. However, in 3 many folks would look at the drawings and think it was creative art, which it isn't. Drawing flowers which are in ones mind is creative.

So, are you saying that drawing flowers by observing them closely is masquerading as creative art?
I thought it would be coloring photocopied sheets.

I think the key word in the question is "creative." Only if you are "copying" something does that eliminate creativity. Even though you have "photocopied sheets," you can still color them creatively. I frequently see little children do this with coloring books. Likewise, alternatives 2 and 3 can also be creative. However, if you are merely making a copy, that is not creative.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

I am voting for coloring photocopied pictures as not being "creative". Look at all the paintings of flowers...different artist saw the same flower but did not paint it the same way. They created their image, impression of the flower. They 'created" their impression of what they saw.

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