David and Ted are walking a trail. Ted walks 3.1 kilometers farther than David.

Part a. Write an equation for the number of kilometers David walks, d, if Ted walks 5.4 kilometers

Part b. Write an equation for the number of kilometers that Ted walks, t, if David walks 4.9 kilometers.

Part c.Fill in the blanks to tell the distance David and Ted walked

If Ted walked 5.4 kilometers, then David walks _____ kilometers.
If David walks 4.9 kilometers, then Ted walks ______ kilometers.

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  1. I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Part a) 5.4-3.1= d
    Part b) 4.9+3.1=t
    Part c) 2.3 kilometers, 8 kilometers

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  3. geometry help ) The diagonals
    divide the hexagon ABCDEF into two equilateral triangles and a square. Find the perimeter of the hexagon if BF = 3 cm.

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  4. jg,hghjkijhgfvdcsxcvbgnhmjkl,m

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  5. Part 1) 5.4-3.1= d
    Part 2) 4.9+3.1=t
    Part 3) 2.3 kilometers, 8 kilometers

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