New Mexico History

1. Based on the changes in New Mexico's population after World War II, which conclusion is supported?
A.) Economic changes made new mexico a difficult place to make a living
B.) New mexico climate was believed to be dangerous and unhealthy
C.) people were concerned that new mexico denied too many people rights
D.) New government and military jobs
2. Why were Native Americans unable to vote in New Mexico and Arizona just after world war II
A.) They were not U.S. citizens
B.) The states constitutions prevented it
C.) Native Americans had no interest in voting
D.) Federal law barred native Americans from voting
3. Most art museums that opened in New Mexico after world war II focus on
A.) European art
B.)Regional art
C.) African american art
D.)Films and movies
4. Which of these was not a goal of the american Indian movement
A.) Win greater rights of self-determination
B.) Close all reservations
C.) establish national voting for native americans
D.) Educate native Americans about maintaining their cultural traditions
5. Which of the following was a goal of the American Indian Movement that it did not achieve
A.) It discouraged Native Americans from practicing cultural traditions.
B.) It did not do very much to raise public awareness about native american issues
C.) its leaders were stripped of their US Citizen ship
D.It Failed to win the right to make new treaties.
6. The GI Bill helped native Americans in all the following except
A.) Obtaining the GI Bill-related loans
B.) Attending college
C.)Receiving unemployment payments
D. Offering job training

My Answers

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  1. 1.D - yes
    2.B - yes
    3.D - I don't know
    4.B - yes
    5.D - yes
    6.B - no

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    Ms. Sue
  2. D is the wrong answer for question 3.

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  3. The right answers:
    1. D
    2. B
    3. B
    4. B
    5. B
    6. D
    7. A

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  4. Azerrz is correct.

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