I have 3 more questions that I'm confused on.

1. Read the argument excerpt related to teen use of smartphones and answer the question that follows:

People on either side of the smartphones-for-teens debate can't agree on the evidence. Sure, there's proof of cyber bullying. There's also proof of educational benefits. Yet nothing is conclusive, so no valid judgment can be made for everyone on whether smartphones should be banned from teens. Anyone supporting such a restriction is naïve and uniformed. He or she is reacting from emotion instead of using his or her brain to study all the evidence and make a decision specific to his or her own teen. The bottom line is it's up to parents to be parents. Why spend billions of dollars on trying to stop cyber bullying or explore educational apps? It's probably just another human assumption that we can control the technology we've created. Trying is a waste of time and money.

Which of the following is true about this argument excerpt?


It is respectful in tone to the audience and supports its claim with specific, credible evidence.

It contains specific, credible evidence but uses a disrespectful tone that should be edited.

It fails to support its claim with specific, credible evidence and uses a disrespectful tone.

It uses a respectful tone but needs specific, credible evidence to support the claim. **

2. How should a writer address opposing views in an argument?


The writer should ignore opposing views so as to not bring attention to conflicting information.

The writer should mention opposing views to point out the flaws of those who believe in them.

The writer should use facts that can be verified to address and disprove opposing viewpoints. **

The writer should give equal attention and value to opposing views, including using evidence.

3. Imagine you are writing an argument to convince others that gasoline-powered vehicles should be banned in favor of electric. Which group of people would you likely have to work most to convince?


Retired taxpayers

Tractor-trailer drivers

State highway officers

Gasoline manufacturers **

For the last one I also kinda think its tractor drivers since they use it most, but I'm not sure.

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  1. I agree with all of your answers.

    Tractor trailer drivers also spend a lot of money on gasoline. I'm sure they'd welcome practical electric vehicles.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Are the answers
    Retired taxpayers

    Tractor-trailer drivers

    State highway officers

    Gasoline manufacturers

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