The other day I was on this site and my sister saw me. She told me to never go on this site, and she was accused of cheating off of it before. I told her that cheating is prohibited on Jiskha(and that Jiskha doesn't give answers, it just helps), but she said that "But one day you wont see just 'help'. You'll see answers to a whole test. And what if those are correct? Will you look for writing answers? And be in trouble for cheating? Will you risk all that by going on this site?"

Is Jiskha really a bad website?

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  1. Jiskha is largely staffed by retired teachers and professors. We do our best to keep test answers off the board. Sometimes people post test answers the next day or the next year and we can do nothing about them. Anyone who assumes that a bunch of letters are the right answers to a test is .

    Jiskha tutors help conscientious students understand concepts and locate appropriate websites for research. We also will check a few answers for confused or uncertain students.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. To supplement what Ms. Sue has said let me add a line or two. Students are banned from the site for spamming and posting what are obviously test questions or where it is obvious that someone is posting test questions and/or answers. Logging onto the site and reading what is there is not anything to worry about. We only know what you write and not what you read. As for trouble, the only trouble you can encounter is to be banned from a site that is useful to a lot of students. Some teachers have perused this and other sites I have helped on and they recognize "their tests" as well as some of the students' names. Some of those teachers posted and said they would fail that student. Did they or were they just bluffing in order to curtail cheaters in their class. I don't know the answer but we do our best to keep the cheating to a minimum. When I was a student many many years ago I would have given almost anything to have a site like this that would help me on difficult questions. But alas, no such luck. But I muddled my way through it anyway.

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  3. @Ms. Sue I use this site just to help other kids like me understand math because I used to HATE IT and I barely knew how to add 1+1, but I've seen a bunch of letters to tests on this site before and I always ignored them. A month ago I got curious and I checked to see if the answers students were posting were right using my grade book as a guide, and guess what? THEY ARE CORRECT. In fact, 13 out of the 15 letter answers that I checked were right! Whenever you do a test, there are 4 answers per question that can be labeled as A B C or D. By posting a bunch of letters, they're basically telling other students the answer to the questions in order so I CAN guarantee that most of these answers are correct and that is why I stopped using Jiskha all together. I realized that this website (and many others) have lots of kids that take tests and give other kids the right answers. I know the staff is doing everything they can to stop this, but kids are STILL posting answers which is why I refuse to use this site anymore. Jiskha has great potential, but there are many other sites that were made to help students with a very high level of security that Jiskha simply doesn't have. I even made my own website for teaching kids math that has security to prevent kids from cheating and it is NOT hard whatsoever! If Jiskha keeps letting kids cheat this way by not improving security while other small sites are, then I'm not using it PERIOD.

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  4. don't be so rude @shutup

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  5. just because some one answered a question and you don't like the answer doesn't mean you cuss at someone

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  6. @shutup Grow up -_- that was extremely rude an immature. what kick did you get outta posting that?

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  7. ya

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  8. No its not cheating just use it for checking you're answers.

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  9. Ok so, this website is getting abused by immature children on the internet. I am 13 and say that children should do their studies and pay attention, and then they won't have to cheat or post answers. I understand answering one question but kids do wayy too much and post the whole test. And to make it worse other kids give the answers! I am with an online public school and it is sad to see how our society is today. You will grow up to be nothing if you think everything is going to be handed to you. They won't hand you your job you have to WORK for it. Hard workers live a good life. All the kids cheating are irrelevant and immature. You are better then this! Anyone that dislikes this is because they know I'm right. Hate all you want. It's the truth. And if I'm being too mean I apoligize. However I wouldn't have anything to say if it wasn't true!!! SMH at all these kids these days. Thank you to the children that do right in this world! Have a nice day.

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