math stuff

Do the exact calculation:
7182 x 2123= ________
Approximate to the nearest hundred
Difference between exacct and approximate value=_______

Can you help me with another problem too?

N of the 20 coins are quarters and the rest are dimes. the total value of the coins is $3.50. Find N.

approxiamate to nearest hundred? Somebody has to be kidding, or they don't understand approximations...This is an nine digit number, and the question asks to approximate it to seven digits. That is NOT an approximation. Seven digits is rather precise.

Value=.25n + (20-n).10
3.5=.25n + 2 - .1n
n= 10

yeah that what the packet says... i should show my teacher or something. i need help with this one just setting up the equation: David is Y years old. in 15 years he will be 2 times as old as he was 10 years ago. David is____.

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asked by Marisol

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