Can someone please help me with this question because I am confused with this question.

When doing mirror painting,children

1. draw and paint an object by looking
at the object in the mirror.

2. draw or paint on handheld or
full-length mirrors.

3. Use mirrors to look at their
artwork after it is finished.

The reason I am confused, my text says:

Provide handheld or full-length mirrors.
Children can use tempra paints and
brushes to paint facial features and clothing. They could also draw with
water-based markers. When done,children
can wash the mirror, using soap and
water, and towel dry for the next person.

My question is: when children look
in the mirror they will see themselves,
and when they are finished they will use the mirror to look at their artwork.
So, that said, couldn't the answer to
the question be all three answers?

Or should I put #2, draw or paint on
handheld or full-length mirrors?

Please help!

I definitely agree with your #2 answer.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, we need a definition of the term "mirror painting." Painting as Mirror was an exhibition by Gerhard Richter in 2005 and here is the definition given at that time: 6. Mirror Painting
The mirror paintings use mirrors and glass. Richter�fs artistic intension to �gpresent�h and
�greflect�h all subjects in the world are simply
executed. The images reflected on glass suggest
the impossibility of grasping reality.

From the directions you found in your text, I would agree with you that "all of the above" qualify!

So, what do I put, #2?

Yup... I would use #2 for this particular question.

o.k. thanx!

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