Which of the following statements about American citizenship are true? Select that apply (3points)

A:To become a naturalized citizen, a court order must be issued.
B:Natural-born citizens can be determined by location or relationship.***
C:Collective citizenship occurs when the U.S. acquires a territory.***
D:States can set their own requirements for citizenship.***

Is this correct?

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  1. Two of your answers are correct, one is not. B is correct IF it refers to location of birth or relationship in terms of parental citizenship. People born in other countries to parents who are U.S. citizens are considered to be U.S. citizens. The way it's worded doesn't seem clear.

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    posted by Reed
  2. Yes, be means an American Citizens are located in another Country when child is born. And relationship is one or both parents are American citizens. That is how the Answer was worded. ......Is the one that is wrong D? Thank you, for your help

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  3. Yes, D is wrong. B is correct, and C is correct. Citizens in territories (as different legal entitities than states) cannot vote in national elections, but are otherwise considered citizens. They may vote if the relocate to one of the states or the District of Columbia.

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    posted by Reed
  4. Thank you!

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