I've written the articles and created the advertisements. In addition to that, I have to create three addional creative pages for a trendy magazine from the 1920s. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of a magazine of the time. Are there horoscopes in 1920s magazines? What is in a 1920s magazine?

I'm not sure if 1920s magazines had horoscopes, but they could. Horoscopes have been around for thousands of years.

How about a personal advice (Dear Abby) column?

How about letters to the editor? Some controversial topics could include the influence of jazz, the new dance styles, and women's short skirts and hair.

A recipe might also work.


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  1. ok, i have to do the similar activity for my ALPHA class. basically, we're doing a fashion magazine. now, we need supplement articles and since i did a research project on Astrology last year, my group members and i agreed that should be my topic. yet, i asked the same question: were there horoscopes in the 1920's? well, i did some research, and yes there were. also, one other group member is doing a "Dear Abby" article, so that's also open to you. hope this helped!

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    posted by Mandi

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