Hi, I am a student a Michigan's connections academy and I need a tutor to help me out with some types of math, science, social studies. And a few others some stuff I don't understand and all of my teachers don't explain very good except for my math teacher. I understand math very good though. If I don't answer back if anyone says anything, I don't know how to work this site very well. Thank you

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  1. Here's the way Jiskha works. Students post questions and their attempts at answers. Tutors then help the student understand and solve the questions they posted.

    To respond to a tutor, post your answer under the words Respond to this Question.

  2. Be sure to put your school subject in the School Subject box (social studies, chemistry, science, math, etc.) so a tutor qualified in that subject will see it.

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    posted by Reed
  3. Exactly what they said. Oh, also, I'm not a "verified" tutor. Thanks for declining my 10 emails, Jiskha

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    posted by Lucas

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