1) If y=kx, where k is a constant, and y=128 when x=16, what is the value of y when x is increased by 25%?

(I got 160?)

2) Aaron calculates using a certain foot and line spacing, that each page of a typed document contains at least 240 words and at most 260 words. What is the least number of pages needed for a 12,000-word document?

(I got 50 pages)

3) How many solutions to the equation 4 cos x=1 lie between x=0 and x=3(pi)


(^I don't understand this)

asked by Aline
  1. cosx=.25

    sketch the cosine curve over two cycles.
    well, you really want to look at only 1.5 cycles. How often does it equal .25? I see three in my sketch.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. how do you draw cycles? Or graph/sketch the equation?
    Are number 1 and 2 correct?

    posted by Aline

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