Physics-Sound Waves

I'm not sure how to go about answering this question... I have all these equations and none seem to apply. The question is:

If you have two speakers on opposite sides of a concert stage producing identical sound waves with a wavelength of .8m. If you consider only the direct waves coming straight from the speakers (neglecting waves that are reflected from the ceiling, walls, etc) With only one speaker on at a time, at some point in the audience, one speaker has a pressure amplitude of 10 N/m^2, and the other speaker has pressure amplitude of 7 N/m^2. The point in the audience is .4 m farther from one speaker than the other. What is the amplitude of the pressure oscillations with both speakers on?

Thanks for the help!

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asked by Nikki
  1. The answer as I see it...
    The difference of the two speaker volumns plus the decay of the transverse wave passing to the audience, that is without the exterraneous sound waves fooling the ears.
    Sound is movement of air.
    In a vacuum, there is no sound.
    Air is like water.
    When 2 equal waves slap together, they cancel, or provide the difference as in Life in the wilderness....Only the strong survive.
    w a 1 w t f at yah WHO!{: Peter

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    posted by Peter

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