Science 1 Question ASAP

5. Which of the following reduces global warming

A. driving more frequently
B. reducing public transportation
C. reducing electricity use *** My Answer
D. cutting down forests

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  1. Yes, C.

  2. Thank You !!!

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  3. You're welcome.

  4. thank you i'm using this too!!!!!!!!

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  5. You Stink

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  6. Pgl

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  7. @Mrs. Sue Shut up

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  8. Stop being mean to Ms. Sue she is helping us with our work and you have the nerve to treat her like this. You should stop. The time that she used to check over Swimmer's answers and helped others while checking over there answers she could have done her nails, or been relaxing and watching TV. She didn't have to help but she did because she wants us to succeed. I am not being mean just asking to please stop...

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  9. bRuH thats not the real miss sue she/he being mean to

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  11. woah

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  12. woah chill

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  13. For anyone here, just a friendly reminder!

    They could be depressed and that could tip them over the edge
    Also don’t kill yourself
    There is someone out there who needs you

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