15. Write a function rule that represents y is 5 less than the product of 4 and x.

16. Write a function rule that represents 7 less than three fifths of b is a.

17. Write a function rule that represents the almond extract a remaining in an 8 oz bottle decrease by 1/6 oz for each batch of waffle cookies made.

18. A helicopter hovers 40 ft above the ground. Then the helicopter climbs at a rate of 21 ft/s. Write a rule that represents the helicopter’s height h above the ground as a function of time t. What is the helicopter’s height after 45 s. THis is Urgent i get help

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  1. You have to try yourself and post your attempt.
    18. 40 + 21 t

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    posted by Damon
  2. really..... damon ...... really.

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