Thematic units-question--Please Help!!

I asked this question yesterday and
didn't really get much help with it.
Can someone please help?

An appropriate way to make connections
to thematic units involves:

1. cross-cultural activities
2. developing interpersonal activities
3. the use of an appropriate software
4. the employment of construction

I am thinking the correct answer would
be either 2 or 3. But I may be wrong.
Please help!!

I think I'd go with 2. You can teach thematic units with or without "appropriate software programs"!!


At times, 1 would work, too.


But if you had the appropriate software
couldn't you connect it with thematic units?

I suppose so, but you really don't need it. What do you think teachers did for centuries before "software" (and the needed hardware!) even existed??

So ... you decide: 1 or 2 or 3?


asked by Desiree

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