Honors English 10A

Can you please help me with these questions?

After reading "The Olympic Swimmer," the reader can conclude that the speaker is most likely _____________.

A. a competitive swimmer
B. a participant in the Olympics
C. a coach at the swim meet
D. a dedicated sports enthusiast

Which of the following universal truths is best supported by ideas in "The Olympic Swimmer?"

A. Practice makes perfect.
B. Winning comes at a price.
C. The early bird catches the worm.
D. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Read the following line from "The Olympic Swimmer."
"Like fish at play in Neptune's sea."
The reference to Neptune in this line is most likely intended as a(n) ______________ allusion.

A. biblical
B. literary
C. historical
D. mythological

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  1. You're in Honors English??

    Where are your answers?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. @Ms. Sue Yes, I'm in Honors English. Here are my answers:

    D. a dedicated sports enthusiast
    A. Practice makes perfect.
    D. mythological

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  3. I agree.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Europe II Unit Test
    1) A. Habitual
    2) D. Thoughtfully
    3) A. Trite
    4) C. Leeway
    5) C. Must show great commitment to training.
    6) A. Athletes from across the globe train to compete in Olym...
    7) A. Practice makes perfect.
    8) D. "These stars, like sharks, cut the waves -"
    9) D. "Traverse the lane in record time."
    10) B. Are intimidating to those who stand before them.
    11) C. Mindlessly fulfill the duties required of their social status
    12) C. Provide a contrasting image of rich and poor in his soci..
    13) B. Is nervous about the tension coming from the townspe...
    14) C. Man vs. Society.
    15) A. Cannot hold a steady job due to hid fits of rage.
    16) A. Simple Sentence
    17) C. Complex Sentence
    18) B. Compound sentence
    19) B. Adverbial clause
    20) D. Noun clause
    21) A. Independent clause
    22) C. Adjectival clause
    23) Essay Response
    24) Essay Response

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