Greg is buying a bike on a payment plan. the equation y=20x+600 models the amount he has left to pay, where x is the number of weeks and y is the amount of money owed in dollars. Lin is also buying a bike on a payment plan. The bike costs $500. She will pay $25 each week. Which statement correctly compares Greg's function and Lin's function.

a) Lin's bike cost less than Greg's bike?
b) Lin's bike will be paid off after Greg's bike?
c) Lin is paying less money each week for the bike?
d) Lin will have more left to pay than Greg after 10 weeks?

Not sure on this one.

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  1. 'the equation y=20x+600 models the amount he has left to pay, where x is the number of weeks'

    x will always have a positive value, and if y is the amount he has LEFT TO PAY, then as time goes on, he will owe an increasing amount, which isn't how it should be.

    Perhaps the equation is y = -20x + 600, which would mean he pays $20 every week?

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