Sorry have one more question

How do you guys remember all the stuff you learned threw school? After I am done being taught something I feel like It gose of my ear.

It helps to teach it every day. We must keep up with the field which means reading journals of new developments as well as new teaching techniques. We don't know everything, at least I don't, and I always told my students that. When they asked me a question and I didn't know the answer, I told them I didn't know but I would look it up. And I always did. Frankly, I think it helped my teaching because the students knew I wasn't a super genius and they figured if I could do it they could too. Many have and they are leading successful lives at universities or working in industry. Working on a forum like this also helps me remember some of those things that I'm likely to forget as a result of not using the knowledge every day. I do this because I'm having fun and that's what I think retirement is all about. I would encourage you to learn all you can while you can and use your knowledge every chance you get. Practice makes perfect. Good luck to you in the future.

1) Relate what you are learning to something you want to know. If you like music, relate poetry to lyrics; relate the structure of music to math.

If you like animals, relate biology to taking care of them.

2) Relate what you are learning to something "funny", unusual, weird. It is easy to remember weird stuff. Tell someone the unusal thing that you learned today.

3) Use what you are learning. Apply it to something that you are going to do.

Most important! Everything you learn is just one more step to what you will become. The more information you have the more opportunities you will have to become.

Hello, again. In the cycle of learning, once you have learned something, you always forget a portion but each time you restudy it, you forget less.

Here is something I found a college girl had done since the third grade.(She is a very famous person now, I discovered it when I stayed overnight at the home and I had her bedroom assigned to me).
Elizabeth had made and used flashcards for almost all subjects since the third grade, and SAVED them. She classified them by grade and subject, then periodically, go over them again. We learn by repetition spaced over time. She was a master of it.

Thank you this stuff will help me.
oNCE I forget something and then learn it agian I feel like duhhh!

Not to worry about feeling "duh"... We all have those "duh" moments...

Just keep looking for the "WOW" moments <G>

thank you

I have a terrible memory. What was I going to say? *grin*

I don't remember everything. I don't think anyone can. But what happens as you go through school is you go over stuff over and over again. Take, for example, Theology.

I could take a class on the Gospel of Mark. Along with learning just about Mark's Gospel, I might learn about how the Gospels came to be written, what makes Mark's Gospel unique, and how most Scholars believe Matthew and Luke used Mark's Gospel as a reference for writing their material.

A semester or two later, I may decide to study the Gospel of Matthew. Suddenly, the same subjects come up about Matthew as they did about Mark. Now, I remember it more clearly because this is the 2nd time I have read it. Also, since I studied Mark, I can see how Matthew compares to Mark. So I'm not just studying one Gospel, I'm also studying a Gospel and fitting it into what I already knew.

Learning a completely new subject is difficult. Because you do not have the same foundation you do compared to learning a subject you are already familiar with. That's when I find creative ways to learn stuff.

--I remember my brother having a history test. He wrote out a timeline and walked across it, saying each event. After a few times, he had a good understanding of what happened.

--Try breaking the subject up some. When I moved to Taiwan and had to learn their numbers, I decided 1-10 would not be as easy. So I learned 0-5. Then I learned 6-10 separately. Once I had both mastered, I put them together. I did not try to do that until I mastered BOTH 0-5 then 6-10. I wouldn't count 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, forget :) Until I had them both mastered, I didn't put them together. Had it down in a few days I did that.

--In Spanish, I used to make up weird phrases. "Todas las vacas viven en el autobus." (All the cows live in the bus). Stuff like that made it easier for me to remember vocabulary. Who would ever say that phrase? Probably nobody. But I remember it really well.

Flash cards are good, but there are a lot of other ways as well. Maybe if you're having trouble memorizing something, we can think of ways to remember that specific thing.


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asked by Amy

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