Social Studies

In social studies we are talking about the bosten massacre and when the tea was taxed then the collonest boycotted the tea. Then the women would make home made rasberry tea. I was wondering if anybody knows where to find a web site where we I get get how to make home made rasberry tea. I want to maybe take some to school.

It is rasberry leaf tea sorry

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What a great idea! Raspberry leaf tea is so easy to make and has a medicinal value:

Raspberry Leaf Tea, made by the infusion of 1 OZ. of the dried leaves in a pint of boiling water, is employed as a gargle for sore mouths. This herbal tea is also an antioxidant. Try one teaspoon of the dry leaves in 1 cup of boiling water and let it steep 15 minutes.

Here is what one herbalist does:
You can harvest your own red raspberry leaves or can purchase them dried in bulk from your local health food store or organic grocery. I like to harvest my own.
To dry the leaves quickly, I lay them on a cotton sheet in the back of my vehicle on a hot day with the windows closed. I use a wonderfully nourishing recipe that also includes rose hips for Vitamin C and stevia, which is naturally sweet.

You can also find this tea available in tea bags!

Thank you. I have my own rasberry plant.


how many war planes created in 1943

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