Television sizes are described by the length of their diagonal measure. What would be the listed size of the TV shown? (to the nearest whole inch)
A) 31 inches
B) 32 inches
C) 36 inches
D) 42 inches

The top portion of the tv is 28 in. and the side is 15.7 in.
My answer is C) 36. Inches

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  1. Using the pythagoras theorum,

    x^2 = (28)^2 + (15.7)^2
    x^2 = 784 + 246.5
    x^2 = 1030.5
    x = Root(1030.5) = 32

    The answer is actually closer to B, 32 inches.

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  2. The triangle shown MUST be a right triangle if x = ____ in.

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