Language Arts

Here are all the reading roles:

1. Discussion Director
As a discussion director you will think about the following:
- what images come to mind as you read
- if you could interview the author what questions would you ask? Why?
- predict what will happen next and why

2. Word Watcher
As a word watcher you will think about the following:
- what new words did you find in this chapter
- what words are used frequently
- what words are used in unusual ways

3. Summarizer
As he summarizer you will think about the following:
- what are the key factors in main ideas
- if you were to come up with an essay topic for this selection, what main idea would you use?

4. Luminary
As a luminary you will think about the following:
- which part of the reading really struck out to you? Why?

5. Connector
As a connector you will think about the following:
- Connect what you have read so far with things you have experienced
- Connect what you have read so far to what is going on in the world right now

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asked by IhopeIhelp
  1. Are you you posting this for general knowledge? Or do you have a question?

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  2. I am posting this for the people who don't know the reading roles.

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  3. tysm! @IhopeIhelp

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  4. thx u :)

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