Can you please check these questions not just give a link to sparknotes. These questions are for the book "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles.

For Gene, jumping from the tree seems to be a way to
a. reject his past life of conformity
b. gain new respect from his classmates
c. prepare for military service
d. give continuity to his life

I think it is b

Finny's behavior in the snowball fight suggests that his life is
a. one long struggle
b. based on disorder and unpredictability
c. governed by strong loyalties
d. marked by a basic dishonesty

I think it is c

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  1. Actually I think the answer for the first question is A

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  2. Either Sparknotes or Shmoop should give you what you need if you are averse to reading/re-reading the book or the parts of the book you need.


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