Amy and Mike are going to an amusement park. They each bought ice cream, and Mike got a soda. Amy had a $10 coupon to put toward the cost, and Mike paid the rest, which came to $30.25. Admission for one person costs $18.00, and ice cream costs $1.50. How much does a soda cost at the amusement park? **$1.25 $1.50 $0.75 $2.10

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  1. 2(18) + 2(1.5) + soda = 10 + 30.25
    solve for 'soda'

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  2. I dont understand

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  3. please help

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  4. 2(18) + 2(1.5) + soda = 10 + 30.25
    2 people cost $18 each
    2 ice creams cost $1.50 each

    Total cost was Amy's $10 and Mike's $30.25

    so, add up the food and subtract that from the total cost, and the soda is what's left.

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  5. 2(18) + 2(1.5) + soda = 10 + 30.25
    solve for 'soda'
    36 + 3 + soda = 40.25

    39 + soda = 40.25

    soda = 1.25

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