Essay on winter

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  1. What? What's the prompt?

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  2. change the sentence from active voice to passive:

    1. He opened the cellphone eagerly.
    2.Shrinking budgets and newsrooms are hampering the news industry.

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  3. Change the following words by adding either a prefix or a suffix:
    1.We are all(account) for our own actions.
    2.The Teacher ticked off the (attend)list.
    3.Please use your (discreet) when they discuss private matters.
    4.The Politician was relieved when the allegations against him were proven to be (found).
    5.Many students lose marks for writing (grammar)incorrect sentences.
    6.It is believed that the bomb was planted by an (extreme)group.
    7.My friend does not like parties, she is quite (social)
    8.The nurse (careful)attended to the boy's injuries.

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  4. No one will do your assignments for you. However, if you post what YOU THINK, someone will check your work.

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