You would know that you were in the troposphere if (4 points)

it were raining on you

you were floating in space

you were flying in a high altitude jet

you were in the ozone layer
If the atmosphere did not contain an ozone layer, which of the following could happen? (4 points)

The Earth would become very cold.

The Earth would not have weather.

The Earth would not be protected from the sun's harmful rays.

The Earth would not be protected from meteorites.
Which of the following is not something that the atmosphere does for us? (4 points)

The atmosphere gives us air to breathe.

The atmosphere provides us protection.

The atmosphere gives us gravity.

The atmosphere provides us with weather.
Which of the following would be considered extreme weather? (4 points)


High winds


Which of the following is located in the stratosphere? (4 points)


The ozone layer

UV rays

Which of the following statements is considered weather? (4 points)

It is very hot in the desert.

It snows a lot in Antarctica.

The sun is always shining in Arizona.

There is a tornado in Oklahoma right now.
Which of the following statements describes weather? (4 points)

Weather is the current conditions in the troposphere.

Weather is the average temperature of an area.

Weather is how many sunny days a place has in one year.

Weather is how much snow or rain a place gets in a year.
Why is it important to predict the path of extreme weather? (4 points)

So scientists can get close and study the weather

To save people's lives

So people can plan what kind of clothes to wear for the day

To let people know to take an umbrella or not
Which of the following statements correctly explains the relationship between humidity and temperature? (4 points)

The higher the temperature, the lower the humidity.

The higher the temperature, the higher the humidity.

The lower the temperature, the higher the humidity.

Temperature does not affect humidity.
Rain occurs when humidity is ___________? (4 points)



humidity and rain are not related.

rain can occur when humidity is high or low.
Dew forms when which of the following happens? (4 points)

The temperature increases

The temperature remains steady

The temperature drops

Dew is not related to temperature
A town near the ocean would most likely have ________ humidity than a town near the mountains. (4 points)



the same amount of

a different kind of
Which of the following best describes how the jet stream is formed? (4 points)

The jet stream is formed by storms that are high up in the atmosphere.

The jet stream is formed between two air masses that have different temperatures.

The jet stream is formed by strong winds that are near the surface of the Earth.

The jet stream is formed by radiation and heat from the sun.
Ocean currents move warm and cold water around the Earth, affecting Earth's __________. (4 points)




all of the above
Ocean currents are caused by which of the following? (4 points)


The moon

The sun

Rivers running into the ocean
Which of the following statements describe how the jet stream influences weather? (4 points)

It moves cold air around.

It is the place where storms are formed.

It causes warm air from the land to come over the ocean.

It moves plant life from one place to another.
Which of the following most commonly influences weather? (4 points)

Wind and rain

Jet stream and ocean currents

Clouds and sunshine

Snow and rain
What will the weather most likely be like the day before a cold front arrives? (4 points)

The temperature will be warm, and there will be short rain showers.

The temperature will drop to cold, and there will be heavy rain.

The temperature will be cold with clear skies.

The temperature will be very hot with no chance of rain.
What will the weather most likely be like the day before a warm front arrives? (4 points)

The temperature will be cool or cold with light rain.

The temperature will increase, and there will be light rain.

The temperature will be warm, and there will be rain.

The temperature will be very hot with heavy rain.
Which of the following clouds contain thunderstorms? (4 points)

Cirrus clouds

Cumulus clouds

Stratus clouds

Every type of cloud
Cirrus clouds __________. (4 points)

are responsible for thunderstorms

make wind

are the largest type of clouds

do not affect the weather
Clouds are made of (4 points)


tiny droplets of water

a mixture of gases

small particles of soil
Why is the water cycle important to the Earth? (4 points)

It helps remove the salt from the oceans.

It produces extra snow in the mountains so we don't run out of water.

It moves water around the Earth.

It keeps water in the same place.
Which of the following is part of the water cycle? (4 points)




The water cycle stores water (4 points)

only in lakes and rivers

only in clouds

only in living things


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