a restaurant has lemonade that is 12% sugar and another that is 7% sugar. How many gallons of each type does the restaurant need to make 20 gallons of a lemonade mixture that is 10% sugar.
A.) 12 gallons of 12% and 8 gallons of 7%
B.) 10 gallons of 12% and 10 gallons of 7%
C.) 8 gallons of 12% and 12 gallons of 7%
D.) 2gallons of 12% and 18 gallons of 7%
please help.
if anyone took connections im in Algebra 1 unit 7 lesson 8 if you could help

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  1. (x * .12) + [(20 - x) * .07] = 20 * .10

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  2. what does that mean

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  3. x is the number of gallons of 12%

    you should be worried...

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  4. yep... i am so not ready for this. to to go and study AGAIN

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