What reason was given to the federalists to support the constitution?
A, strong government to establish economic stability**?

B, strong government to maintain control over all its states.

C, to define state boundaries.

D, in order to pass laws to bring law and order to the country.

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  1. I agree.

  2. There is a better answer.
    t’s debatable whether the Federalist Papers had any significant impact on New York voters. Some historians point out that New Yorkers, like those in other states, based their votes on economic interests. Generally, those who stood to gain from a strong central government (such as merchants, shippers, and those who lived on the eastern seaboard) supported the Constitution, while those who would not gain (principally farmers) voted against it.

  3. actually, reading the two choices again, in answer B "to maintain control" was not a reason. So I agree, A is the best answer, but it is not the best answer that could have been offered. see above.

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