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Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. (This is The Age of Jackson)

Transportation innovations affected migration in many ways, good ways too! Transportation helped migration happen faster, with railroads trains could go fast and with steam boats it would be easier to cross rivers. They affected migration patterns because of the way that the transportation went, you can't turn and simply go another way on a train, the train needs to be on a rail for that to work.

Is this good? Should I add anything? Should I take anything off?

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  1. This is a little confusing. I suggest that you change with into while.

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  2. It's o.k., but I'm reminded of a long journey a family of my ancestors made in the early 1800s. A mother, father, and three young children started in upstate New York. They traveled by river boat, down to the Ohio River and down the Ohio to southern Illinois. I've often wondered what it would be like to keep a couple of toddlers from falling into the river.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Agreed.

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  4. Alright, thank you guys for the input!

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  5. big chungus poggers 100 keanu reeves wholesome 100 thanks for the gold kind stranger reddit

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