Social Studies

Why were many countries still dependent on outside help from other nations, such as the United States, following their independence in the 1800s?

A. The colonies were weak, and other nations promised to maintain military bases in their countries in order to prevent further invasion in the future..

B. Other wealthy nations were able to provide financial support, such as investments, to help build the countries' economies following independence.

C. Other nations wanted to ban trade with their former colonies, so these countries depend on outside help.

D. Foreign nations wanted to continue to control trade through the colonial system.

Thank You sooo much.

I think it is C but I am not sure

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  1. Nope. You posted this before and got an answer then.

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  2. No I didn't, I just got back from school like 2 hours ago and I needed someone to check this answer on my homework

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  3. I am not asking for trouble, just a little help that all.

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  4. You have a major problem. Someone is asking the same question from the same internet address in Brunswick on the same day. Do you think we believe you?

  5. Ok listen a person is just asking for help if you do not know who the person is by a damn internet website do not accuse them by being someone else

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  6. wtf reed and sue. you don't know who they are. so why judge them. Just give them a link to resources or something. why you gotta accuse them of lying

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  7. Did you really say WTF ummm. Now you are a problem too!!

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