15. Which of the following quotations from “Nolan Bushnell” best reflects Bushnell’s business and management model? (1 point)

a) “Bushnell sold Atari in 1978 and left the company soon after that.”

b) “Bushnell took a copy of Alcorn’s game, named Pong after one of its noises, to Bally’s headquarters in Chicago, hoping that they would buy it instead of the driving game.”

c) “…as long as someone got his or her job done, almost anything went. These principles were proved in 1976, when Bushnell hired a young technician named Steve Jobs.”

d) “I set up the economic model, the software/hardware link that’s been the pattern ever since. There wasn’t anything out there like it.”

My Answer: B
Could someone please check my answer?

Thank You!

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asked by Da Fash
  1. I didn't find any article titled “Nolan Bushnell”.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Well guess what Dummy There is one!!!

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    posted by IDCAnymore

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