Before 5 years a man was 3 years times his boy but after 10 years the father's age will be 6 more than 2 times his boy 

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  1. I think your question is

    "Five years ago a man was 3 times his boy's age. Ten years from now the father's age will by 6 more than 2 times his boy's age."

  2. 5 years ago:
    son's age ---- x
    father's age --- 3x

    son ---- x+5
    father ---- 3x+5

    10 years from now:
    son = x+5 + 10 = x + 15
    father = 3x+5 + 10 = 3x + 15

    3x+15 = 2(x+15) + 6
    3x + 15 = 2x + 36

    solve for x and answer whatever your question is

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