During the election of 1824, many south carolinians were concerned by?
A. The monroe doctrine
B. The national party conventions.
C. The ongoing cotton prices
D. The end of slavery in northwest territory.

I have no idea and the article I'm supposed to read for this wont load. :/ please help.

asked by Disappointment
  1. I can't find a website that deals specifically with the Carolinas in 1824. Slavery had never been allowed in the Northwest Territories, so that was no issue. The Monroe Doctrine had no real impact domestically at all - it was about foreign relations. And the national parties had not formed yet, as we know them, and did not have conventions as we know them. In fact, in 1824, there was only one "party". Cotton prices were always an issue in the antebellum South. The issue became very important four years later, with the imposition of tariffs that lowered cotton prices. I would say cotton prices is your best answer. Keep trying to load your assigned reading, though. Sometimes a site is down for some reason but comes back up later.

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