1. The tone of the poem "Ka'Ba" versus the tone of the poem "Harlem II" might be described as:

A. Grateful vs Ungrateful
B. Certain vs Doubtful
C. Hopeful vs Defeated
D. Safe vs Dangerous

2. The theme of "Your World" can best be inferred from which line?

A. "To travel this immensity."
B. "But I sighted the distant horizon."
C. "Your world is as big as you make it."
D. "And I throbbed with a burning desire."

I think

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  1. Authors' names, please?

  2. Amiri Baraka for Ka'Ba

    Langston Hughes for Harlem II

    Georgia Douglas Johnson for Your World

  3. These? (I'm not finding anything called "Harlem II" -- sorry.)

  4. yup those

  5. 1. I think there's a better answer.
    2. I agree with you.

  6. Wait C actually makes more sense for 1

  7. Yes, I agree.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time out of your day to help me Writeacher

  9. You're very welcome!

  10. OMG U LIKE NF!!!!

  11. It's
    hopeful vs. defeated

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  12. @PleaseDontBringUpMy (Not gonna write it all out.. too long) that makes absolutely no sense, first of all you dont even know what these people LOOK like and second of all UR NAME IS TOO LONG

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  13. mood

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  14. XD *dies in meme*

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