Which sentence uses an infinitive as an adverb?
A) My favorite board game to play is stored in the basement.
B) Nicole wants to learn the art of rhetoric before next year.
C) Dave's favorite thing to do is to walk his dog every evening.
D) We met after school to study for the big math test next week.

Ithink it is b

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  1. In A, the infinitive is "to play" and it's telling more about the board game. So this is not the one.

    In B, the infinitive is "to learn" and the infinitive phrase is "to learn the art of rhetoric" -- hmmmm!

    In C, there are two infinitives: "to do" and "to walk" -- the first is describing "favorite thing" and the second is serving as a predicate nominative.

    In D, the infinitive is "to study" and the whole infinitive phrase is "to study for the big math test next week." Hmmmm!

    Read about infinitives here:

    And read about infinitive phrases here:

    Let us know what you decide.

  2. Hi, I think you are correct that the best choice is B. The infinitive "to learn" modifies the verb "wants".

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  3. I think
    b) the infinitive to play is the object of the verb wants.
    d) the infinitive to study is an adverb modifying the verb met.
    choice D is the best choice of the four. http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/infinitivephrase.htm applies.

  4. Bob Pursley is correct.

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